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Newstart Canada Give’s Back!

At Newstart Canada, we’re committed to helping those less fortunate, in and around our community. Through fundraisers, donations, and charity work, Newstart Canada is excited to be able to give back and support our 2011 charitable foundation: The Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health

What is Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health?

Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health is an independently incorporated charity whose purpose is to raise funds in support of Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (formerly Whitby Mental Health Centre) and its partners who provide services and support to Ontario Shores patients and their families. High priorities for funding are innovative care initiatives, education, research, mental illness awareness and mental health promotion programs and capital needs.

• 1 in 5 people will experience mental illness severe enough to affect their daily activities.
• 4 in 5 will be affected by the mental illness of someone close to them.


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